Gladstone Hospital Accident & Emergency Upgrade

COMM11008 – Blog One
By Amanda McRae
Source: Queensland Health, Queensland Government website (2016)

A highly controversial topic within the community regarding the much needed ‘Accident and Emergency upgrade for the Gladstone Hospital’,  has been in the planning stage for years (Bunting 2016).  Members of the community agree with the State Member that something needs to be done.

“The Gladstone Hospital Accident and Emergency Centre, currently doesn’t meet the standards of hospitals,” said Labor, State Member for Gladstone, Mr Glenn Butcher (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

Taking it further, to a community petition addressed to Federal Government, Member of Flynn, Ken O’Dowd to make a critical investment in our public health system.  Petition story link.

Source: 7 News Central Queensland, Facebook page (2016, n.p).

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said, “The community needs and deserves contemporary health services that meet today’s healthcare standards, and that is what we’ll provide,” (Jambour 2016, n.p)

The visual plans are now in place.  “With the support of his party, he hopes to continue and fast track development”, said Mr Butcher (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

“This is a great win for Gladstone and I am thrilled to be able to kick start this vital project for our community,” Mr Butcher said (Jambour 2016, n.p).

The funding announced months ago, has been set aside for the new Accident and Emergency upgrade of the Gladstone Hospital (Hutchinson 2016).

Source:  Palaszcukuk (2016)

$42m Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announcement – Gladstone Observer (Annett 2016).

Source: Annette (2016)

“Whilst speaking to the minister, I did outlay my concerns that this is taking a long time to get going”, said Mr Butcher (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

“Great that he is listening, great that he has taken it away to have a look,” said Mr Butcher, “If we can get this hospital upgrade started sooner rather than later, it would be much better for our community,” (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

The outcome of this upgrade would have a tremendous flow on effect, boosting town morale to start.

To stimulate the local economy of the Gladstone region, which is currently facing a downturn as the Minister for Health is aware of, Hutchinson (2016) reports, with an injection of funds from the Turnball-Coalition government to the region.  This will produce much-needed jobs, in areas of construction, health and more.

Most importantly improve the current standards of Health Services in the Accident and Emergency, acknowledged by the State Member, Mr Butcher (Hutchinson 2016), for the patients/carers, staff and community.  With the new and much needed modern, state-of-the-art facility, doubled in size, in the Gladstone Region (Annette 2016).

Seven Local News Gladstone link to Gladstone Hospital Plans story above (aired 10/08/16).  Source: Seven Local News Gladstone (2016).

Source: RACQ Capricorn Helicopter (2016)


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Television advertising and Agenda setting theory

The idea of the agenda setting theory came from over thirty years ago, when scholar’s Max McCombes and Donald Shaw researched the topic extensively.   Looking at how stories from the media, entertainment and advertising, make an impact on people through influence and agenda setting.

The media, entertainment and advertising agenda’s can influence people in what to think about, what to focus on and what we do (Griffith & McCombes 2014).

According to Tynan (2017, p. 170), the process of agenda setting can be determined “in the creation of the story.”  It includes the considerations of selection, omission, priming and framing (Dyring, 2016).  What is the message that is needed to get across and how will it influence and be perceived by the audience in reality, (Bainbridge, 2017, p. 20)?

It is common example of agenda setting and advertising is during the time of a political election campaign.  Where politicians set a agenda of what they are about, articulate how they want to be perceived by the audiences and what they stand for.  Their entire advertising agenda is focused on that.  Which effectively can have potential to shape and influences the audiences opinions in what they want them to believe, hear, do or think about.

One of the America’s president Donald Trump agenda’s he set, which was highlighted through his advertising during his political campaign was he wanted to ‘make America strong, wealthy and great again,’ (Guardian staff 2017).

“Most journalists are message producers, not communicators,” Max McCombes 


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Film and Sexism

Equal opportunity for women in the film industry has been an ongoing issue every year.  As last year’s statistics show both onscreen and behind the scene of film, there is inequality between female and male roles (Lauzen, 2017).

Lauzen (2017a, pp. 5) and Lauzen (2017, pp. 1).

There were a lack of female roles in the cast of the recently released war movie Dunkirk (Truitt, 2017), which raised some controversial discussions (Cooke 2017).

Dunkirk men
Gorden, 2017

The movie about a momentous historic war event which occurred, where around 340,000 men on the beaches were evacuated during World War II.  Where in actual fact back then, there were very little female military on the front line battle field (Vespa, 2017).

Dunkirk image
Vespa, 2017

Recent protests have been calling for the need of equality, diversity and more female roles in film (Berger 2015).  “We were frustrated because there wasn’t the roles for us,” Nicole Kidman said, at the recent Emmy awards ceremony.

Image taken from the set of the TV Series ‘Big Little Lies’, with Nicole Kidnam (right) and Reece Witherspoon (middle) and Shailene Woodley (left), (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2017).

Big name celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon’s and Shailene Woodley joined together to produce an award winning TV series, which directly enables more roles for women on screen.

‘There wasn’t the roles for us’: Nicole Kidman’s push for equality on screen, (Singer, 2017).



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Social media and Ethical uncertainty

The social media network was created to connect mass audiences of professional and personal people from any background, worldwide via a public online forum using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To enable, instant communication between users, entertainment and a place to source world wide information including breaking news in various forms of text, designs, layouts, videos, audio files, imagery and links to websites (Banbridge, Beasley and Tynan, 2015, pp. 75).  These are all positive highlights to social media, however, there are a few negative points associated to social media.  For example, where the ethical uncertainty can be questioned.

The dissemination of information determining if something follows a moral values and standard.    There is always that level of uncertainty if the account or post is a true representative of what it said it is.  Be aware of criminal activity, unethical dealings, sites and posts (NC State University, 2017).

Further to that, it is important to ‘stay smart online’ To have self awareness and protect personal privacy and disclosure of confidential information online (Australian Government, 2017).  To prevent someone using the particulars to create a false account or post and do not except friend request from people unknown.

Ensure that information on social networks is only shared with people, organisations, known to be authentic (NC State University, 2017).  That information is sourced from already well established, reputable and credible sources found on social media.  For example, education facilities, government, media outlets.



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Hard News vs Soft News: Which is better?

With a criteria of topic, timeliness and how the news is presented, can make a determination of which is ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ news, (Yang, 2005).  However, to make a conclusion of which is better?  That is relative to various variables, circumstances, values, influences, personal preferences, modern ideals and trends.

Hard news is often breaking news delivered with timeliness, highlighting ‘the public’s right to know’.  Distinguished by topics including politics, war, law, social justice, welfare, environment, conflict, disasters, health, economics, science, technology, (Bainbridge, Goc, Tynan, 2015, pp. xxiv).  The ‘serious’ hard news people need to know as it affects their everyday life.  For example there has been a scientific breakthrough advancing medicine, or the local hospital suddenly closes down because of a disease outbreak. Or the local school where lots of children are in attendance, had a crazy man there with a gun occurring right now.

Soft news provides entertainment and information, is a human interest feature story covering topics such as lifestyle, events, celebrities, sport, arts, entertainment news and infotainment segments, (Bainbridge, Goc, Tynan, 2015, pp. xxvii).  Soft news through media does not expose anything untoward such as a scandal, unlawful acts.  Soft news includes the entertainment values of the quirky, funny, weird, outrageous, popular, informative stories to it’s viewers.  It can be presented differently, through a relaxed style of reporting using visual aids including magazines, video’s, news features.

Hard news and Soft news, you can not have one with out the other and you need both in everyday life.  Neither is ‘better’ though seen more as equally important.


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How has technology impacted communication?

It is overwhelming to think about the progression of the technology and communication advances over the years.  Technology has impacted many areas of communication and has significantly changed how people connect, engage and communicate with each other.

With the era of computers, the mobile phone, the digital camera, the internet, technology has taken communication to exceptional new standards than ever before in history.  Taking the experience of communication to new heights through communicative expressions of colour, graphics, language, images, logos, video’s, audio for the target audience (Cenere, Gill, Lawson & Lewis, 2015). This alone has changed processes and procedures of communication for the professional world and how to do business.

Telstra gadgets
(Telstra, 2017)

Technology has enabled both the private and professional circles more options of ways to communicate.  Allow people to be instantly attainable on a local, national and international level via email, a Google search, social media, websites, blogging and mobile devices.  With a mobile device and internet connection, this enables endless possibilities for communication. Bills can be paid, purchases bought from online stores or meetings can occur with an associate from another country through both verbal and visual capacities instantly.

(iAnswerguy, 2017)

A significant change from limited options in past years for those people who relied on needing to stay next to the telephone so not to miss an important call or having to go down the street to a payphone and waiting for days for a letter to arrive in the mail.

Though for a business, it pays to be online or have access to mobile devices.  Duct tape marketing, 2017 discusses that for a business who has no online presence, it can essentially make them invisible to the world.  Using online channels like tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Facebook (Ahmadov, F. 2017) allows for an instant connection to their desired targeted audience.  Resulting, in enhanced possibilities of business and clients, making it a highly effective and efficient communication tool.

One thing is clear, the advancement in technology is relentless in every direction and will continue to impact communication and forever change the way people communicate.

Apple’s new headquarters in California currently being built (Reuters, 2017)


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Critical successful factors for teamwork

Opportunities for teamwork present all around, whether it be in the workplace, in the community or at home.  Teamwork is essentially people working together to achieve a common goal.  The common link of everyone in the team on a project should be the goal, according to Parker, 2009, p. 3.    It is important to decide if the goal is attainable, to understand clear outcomes of the finished project.  For successful results working with a team, critical factors should be considered.

When looking at the goal, in this case, a project, will it be completed to meet time deadlines, is there relevant and clear direction.  Should there be any challenges and changes arise, can the team adapt and respond accordingly and appropriately (Cenre, Gill, Lawson & Lewis, 2015, p. 157).

Image result for collaboration for teamwork
(Mattson, 2015)

Cenre, Gill, Lawson & Lewis (2015, p. 156) states that with the acceptance of responsibility to complete the project and good team morale set the team on a successful path.  Having good team morale within the group can build a sense of willingness, energy, team confidence and motivation which are key factors which contribute to successful teamwork.

From the leader’s perspective, they should ensure appropriate delegation to support the group contribution of the team.  As a result of regular effective meetings, group decision making, support and willingness to assist if and where needed can contribute to the results of the teamwork function performing well.

Throughout the process maintaining clear and regular effective communication is essential (Parker 2009, p. 31).


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Exercising Emotional Intelligence

The term Emotional Intelligence came about in the 1990’s by scholars.  Though the concept was then recreated by business leaders.  Exercising emotional intelligence today is frequently applied and known of in the workplace (Deleon, 2015), contributing to overall successful outcomes for employers, employees, and workplace.  To achieve this, it is important to have a good understanding what exercising emotional intelligence is.

(Keyword suggest, 2017)

In the professional workplace, it can be as simple as being mindful, aware and keeping emotions in check, doing so by displaying a consistent calm even manner.

(Situation management systems, 2017)

To have an understanding of knowing when to speak, what to say, while acting with sympathy and empathy towards people when required.  Rather than reacting, retaliate, acting impulsively or irrationally, it is important to recognize the emotion on hand (Alder 2014, n.p).

Image result for emotions
(Maria, 2017)

Bao (2015, p. 1) and Demers (2017) say, being able to identify, deal and cope with emotions internally and externally within yourself and those of people within the surrounding environment essentially is exercising emotional intelligence.

(Shelton, 2017)

In a recent natural disaster event of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuck frequented the media.  While exercising emotional intelligence when regularly updating communities the serious extent of the emergency situation.  The Premier displayed traits of emotional intelligence through restraint, very little emotion, self-control, a calm demure, showing receptive attention to while making informed decisions and choices appropriately.

To be able to make clear decisive, logical and rational decisions which are aspects to exercising emotional intelligence, it is important for the person to feel at their best according to Costigan (2017, p. 4).  Pointing out it is important to look after oneself, practice relaxation and focus on positive emotions to be most effective and intuitive for exercising emotional intelligence to achieve successful results.

(Nityawakhlu, 2010)


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Blog one – Introductions

Hello there, my name is Amanda.  Currently, I am completing a Bachelor in Professional Communication.

This semester includes a unit, “Communication in Professional Contexts”.  One of the assessments includes starting a blog which incorporates five posts on various communication topics.  Topics include exercising emotional intelligence, critical successful factors for teamwork, how technology has impacted communication.  These will be posted in the duration of the semester,  watch this space.

The outcomes of this unit, Costigan (2017) highlights it will include general communication concepts, interpersonal communication skills, research and referencing skills, guidelines for writing and speaking clearly professionally and effectively, and the use of appropriate mediums such as online blogging.


Last semester last year, I really enjoyed my two communication courses they were “Communication and Politics,” and “Media Writing.”  Going forward in my studies, I am looking forward to completing all units required for the Professional Communication degree, graduate and potentially complete a Ph.D.


Costigan, L. (2017, March 9). Communication in professional contexts – Welcome and orientation video,  Retrieved from CQUniversity e-courses, COMM11003 Communication in professional contexts,

Economy Matters

COMM11008 – Blog Three
By Amanda McRae

The Gladstone region, known, to be where major industry of Australia resides, is experiencing the flow on effects of the current economic downturn.  From the recent boom made up of several, new major, and large, world-class industry projects commissioned and constructed simultaneously. There have been great benefits to the region because of boom.  As the town resets, however, Member for Flynn, Mr Ken O’Dowd said, “we are coming off a high and moving towards a very low  low,” (Hansard 2016d, p. 117).

Figure 1: Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd in Parliament.  Source: Hansard (2016e)

In parliament, O’Dowd (Hansard 2016d, p. 117) stated, many businesses have been hit hard.  Unable to pay staff, businesses are in receivership after decades of being in business.   People left without work, large debts from assets that they can’t pay off and families are struggling.  Not to mention the extent of the many houses, units and businesses left vacant for over a year.

One of many business owners, Ms Helen Neil closed the doors of an iconic furniture warehouse after eight years.  Ms Neil said, “people just don’t have any money at the moment, you don’t expect the town to die this much,” (Mortimer 2016a, n.p).

The business is holding a closing down sale with 50-70% off stock.
Figure 2: Simply Solid Timber Furniture business.  Source:  The Gladstone Observer (2016a)
Source: The Gladstone Observer (2016b)

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball acknowledges, “we know Australians are facing tough challenges in managing their household budgets,” (Hansard 2016b, p. 44).

“We have seen a big lift-up in mining construction investment and then a decline, and that was always going to happen,” said the Prime Minister (Hansard 2016c, p. 53).

Figure 3:  Prime Minsiter Malcolm Turnbull during question time in parliment  Source: AFR (2016)

“My government is providing the clear economic leadership Australia needs to remain a prosperous and secure First World economy,” said Turnbull, (Hansard 2016a, p. 70).

Mr Ken O’Dowd reiterated the current situation in the Gladstone region in parliament. “While the nation’s economy continues to grow strongly, many in Central Queensland are doing it tough,” (Hansard 2016d, p. 117).

Some businesses seeing the downturn as a challenge, an opportunity to reset, plan, start, renovate and get strategic with innovation. Particularly with “Advanced QLD” innovation initiative.

Stimulating the economy with the injection of funds and creating new jobs is crucial for the region.  Further new projects announced due to start construction in near future:

  • $42m Gladstone Hospital upgrade  – to start mid-2017 (Palaszczuk 2016).
  • $16m Southern Oil Refinery, an advanced bio-fuels pilot plant (Gillie 2016a, n.p).
  • $10m CQUniversity’s Gladstone Marina campus upgrade (Hansard 2016d, p. 117).
  • New retail shops (Gillie 2016b, n.p).
  • $950m Hummock Hill Tourist Development (Gillie 2016c)
  • Tourism boost through P&O Ships
  • $17m marine terminal (Mortimer 2016b)

The community remains resilient and positive.  It does raise questions, however, learning from the last boom, what will be done to prevent this from happening again locally in the future?  How do you soften the brunt next time?  Only time will tell, however, it is good to see the local Federal and State members addressing the downturn in parliament and progressing further on new projects.


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Week 12 – Review week

Week 12
By Amanda McRae

At the beginning of the course, I wanted to learn how to blog but didn’t know how to?  When starting the course, it looked daunting and overwhelming probably because of the workload and that I wasn’t familiar with the WordPress interface and knowing I had three  other subjects to do while studying full-time this semester.  However, this quickly passed and it was actually an aspect that pushed me, challenged me and is what I enjoyed about the course.  I am feeling a lot more confident in writing.  Looking back at the last 12 weeks, it has been a great course and I have enjoyed it immensely.

For many reasons more than one, I have learnt so much.  Something I have always wanted to do, I am a now blogger.   I appreciate learning how using Twitter is used frequently for media professionals to keep in touch with networks, where breaking news is found and it is a great place to keep in the loop of what is trending at the time.  Twitter really makes you feel that instant connection to breaking news, events, people and professionals from all around the world, and I really enjoy that aspect.

Storify is very new to me and before this course, I never heard it before.  It was an interesting social media interface to learn, and I actually really liked the timing of when we used it for this course which was when the Olympics was on this year.  A moment in history and a great time for Australia and the amazing talented athletes, it was great to see the stories unfold on Storify.

There are so many other aspects I have found interesting about this course.  Learning how to write for sensitive news stories, also the opportunity learning the ins and outs of media releases which I have always read regularly in media and communication roles.

The weekly quizzes have been so helpful, as I have learnt where I need to improve and what to get right. The textbook is a great source of information, as it hones in on verbs, grammar, spelling, quoting and so much more (Hicks 2013).

This course is well structured and organised which is a tribute to the course coordinator, Kate Ames.  Also, the regular interaction with fellow students with the reviews, Kate, and feedback from our markers has been great to have coming from a distant student perspective when sometimes you can feel isolated.

It has been a lot of fun, I have enjoyed the ride.  With this course and my other Comms course this semester, it affirms for me that I want to continue to complete the Bachelor of Professional Communication, Majoring in Journalism to add to my current skill set.

As Ames (2016) mentioned the things which are key to take away from this course is, keep it simple, always read your work aloud, and let the story tell itself.


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