M1K-A-D-O in Malaysia

There is something familiar about the M1K-A-D-O.  The strong characteristics of the original musical production ‘Mikado’ are still there.

The integrity, the class, and comedic values of the script, music and songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic Mikado are still intact.

The M1K-A-D-O director, Mr Peter Cousens.  (McRae, 2018)

The look and feel has changed, however, and Peter Cousen’s has instead given a fresh new point of view or perspective.

M1K-A-D-O in Malaysia rehearsal with director Peter Cousens, orchestra and cast. (McRae, 2018)

With some minor word changes to the script and manuscripts to suit the tone, look and feel.

Jackson playing the character Nanki-Poo and Jeremy playing the character Poo-Bah from left to right.  (McRae, 2018)
M1K-A-D-O in Malaysia, production still.  (McRae, 2018)

Taking the production out of it’s origins and into a more creative style of the contemporary modern technical gaming era of the 21st century.

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These days, society and young ones are driven by internet, social media, gaming and behind technical devices including the mobile smart phone.

M1K-A-D-O in Malaysia mixed leads with director Peter Cousens.  (McRae, 2018)

This version of the Mikado called the M1K-A-D-O will potentially transport you into this creative sphere of gaming and digital media. Doing so with strong elements of music brilliance for vocal and orchestral talent, a contemporary stage setting, stylised costumes, creative choreography, fun, comedy and acting.