Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur quick facts:

  • the capital of Malaysia
  • has the 452 metre tall Petronas twin towers officially opened in 1994, are still currently the tallest buildings in the world
  • is home to the Central Market, mansions, skyscrapers, domes, temples, Hindu shine, the historic Jamek Mosque and historic European architecture
  • sadly has endangered species including elephants, tigers, rhinoceroses, turtles and orangutans
  • has a monorail with 11 stations, free city buses and trains
  • Breath taking Batu Caves which is said to be a 400 million year old huge limestone interior structured caves with the entrance on the top of 272 stairs
  • Publika which is a four story upmarket shopping mall
  • Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park – the oldest park in KL which is home to birds, butterflies and beautiful flora














Malaysia’s Cuisine

Just in the short time spent in Kuala Lumpur, I have come to learn that in Kuala Lumpur there is not shortage of selection and food outlets to get a good feed.  With a different place to try in the 16 days while we are in Malaysia.  In fact, just in the short radius of where we are staying, I personally have not seen as many food places to chose from before.

Day one, our first lunch and dinner on our first day.  My travel buddy and I decided to go the Sushi place close by to our accommodation.   It did differ to sushi places in Australia, with different selections of sushi and food to chose from.  My travel buddy ordered sushumi (raw fish) and tempura vegetables.  Reporting back that the fish just melted in her mouth, it was very tender, fresh and delicious and rated it highly.


It is just incredible and the Malaysians are very passionate about cooking and delivering delicious food.


This chef did not disappoint cooking fresh food for the buffet menu which we had for dinner.  He made traditional Malaysian noodles, with hokkin noodles, egg, tomato, shallots, chilli sauce and some other special ingredients and the outcome was just yum.


I could live on these noodles everyday.



For just over two week to go, I reckon I will be living in a food coma enjoying all the delicious Malaysian cuisine that KL, Malaysia has to offer.


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