Identifying News

Week Two
By Amanda McRae

For week two of my Media Writing unit, we are to set up a Twitter account.

It is AM COMMS @amanda_mcrae145.  I can’t say I use Twitter ever nor am I familiar with the in’s and out’s of it.  In week 5’s moodle web resources Ames (2016), the video The Impact of Twitter on Journalism , gave a great insight of Twitter in a news perspective and how it effects Journalism.

In the industry, I am aware that a lot of my journalist friends use it frequently for keeping in touch with contacts and networks, following stories, break news personally or professionally, follow breaking news and trends in general.

With that said, I have now set up my new account and am looking forward to learning more about it.

I have connected on Twitter by selecting “Follow”, with the following professionals and academics, please see links below:

  1. Emma Griffiths (Political Journalist)
  2. Eva Milic (Journalist/Presenter)
  3. Leeanne Enoch (Minister for Innovation, Science & Digital Economy, Minister for Small Business)
  4. Cameron Dick (Minister for Health, Minister for Ambulance Services)
  5. ABC News Brisbane
  6. Mark Kenny (Chief Political Correspondent; Fairfax Media Canberra)
  7. Andrew Probyn (Federal Political Editor for The West Australian newspaper)
  8. Laura Tingle (Political Editor, Australian Financial Review)
  9. Campbell Gellie (Journalist, Gladstone Observer)
  10. Peter Doherty (Television Producer & Journalist)
  11. Annastacia Palaszczuk (Premier of #Queensland and Minister for the Arts. Member for Inala)
  12. Emilia Hutchinson (Journalist, Seven network, Gladstone)
  13. Kate Ames (Academic in media and communication interested in storytelling, talk, and radio. Writer, photographer)
  14. Carrie Bickmore (Journalist/Presenter)
  15. Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister of Australia)
  16. Glenn Butcher (State Member for Gladstone)
  17. Ken O’Dowd (Federal Member for Flynn)
Source: Trends24 (2016)

Summer Slam is trending to be at the top of the list with a whopping 801k tweets.  I have had to research it, to find out more about this subject as I am personally unaware of it.  After looking into what it is, it is the big event of WWE boxing.

This was not tweeted among people I follow, nor aired across media outlets.  Likely because if the type of sport (being too rough, particularly in this image screenshot from Twitter with blood pouring from this man’s head).  Whilst I worked at a news network myself, the director of news directed us (news team) not to do any “boxing” stories, unless otherwise given permission to do so.  For this reason and because this person in this image has been hurt quite badly, I believe it could be why it wasn’t on the mainstream news.

Warning – this image below may be distressing to some viewers:


Olympic Closing Ceremony was trending consistently on this day nationally and internationally.

Whereas closer to home, the American Hollywood blockbuster film, Thor, was trending all day.

Film crews stopped traffic and detours were put in place whilst, scenes for the next “Thor” movie was being filmed in the heart of Brisbane city for just under a week.  Where the streets were turned into scenes of New York with yellow taxis and more for the set.

Thor filming in Brisbane made news throughout Australia on various media outlets.  This subject would be classed as a colour piece or as “soft news” as it is more a personal interest and engaging story.

This made my day and loved to see this all over my twitter feed today.  I was not the only one, as fans lined the street to get a birds eye view of the film set.



Technical: Quiz Two – Grammar rules

This week, I didn’t get 100% straight away compared to the last quiz.  However, I found this quiz, a great learning tool to hopefully enable me to write better.

Basically, the quiz was focusing on nouns, verbs, proper nouns, adjective, conditional tense, eight parts of speech, past simple tense (Ames 2016).

Having the book, “English for Journalists”, as a text resource as a reference is a great help (Hick 2013).


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One thought on “Identifying News

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Good work on this post. It had a nice flow to it and the added tweets were a good touch to break up the writing.
    I had a problem with your last paragraph – ‘Having the book, “English for Journalists”, as a text resource as a reference is a great help (Hick 2013).’ – I think you may have repeated your self saying ‘a text resource’ and ‘a reference’. It just didn’t flow with the rest of your post.


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