Writing for Social Media

Week Five
By Amanda McRae

storify  For this week of the course, we are to establish a Storify account, browse and reflect (Ames 2016).  The set up of the account, I found straightforward and simple.

All three social media outlets (Twitter, WordPress and now Storify) are relatively new for me, to use.  I have now set up a Storify account.  AMCOMMS is the account name.

I love using Instagram myself for my photo’s, and just scrolling through Storify it is somewhat similar in the way it allows users to create stories or timelines.

With all the photos posts from users combined with live blogging, breaking news or #hashtag fun, all centered around a storyline topic, presenting a timeline of posts, which is my understanding of it (Storify 2016).


In the example of which I referred to was, the ABC news Storify, covering Rio 2016, Australian Olympic team (ABC News Storify 2016), which I am currently interested in and supporting.

Rio Games 2016 Storify (2016)

Although the Storify interface is relatively new since 2011, it is a great example of instant real-time communication.

Referring to the Rio Games 2016 storify account,  I found a combination of users from all areas (accessible for most like;  Olympians, news networks, community members and more) were communicating to each other.  They were doing so via tweets, images, videos, and live blogging posts.

Storify could be utilized for new stories or to break news, but also shows an inside perspective through user’s personal and professional experiences via posted images, networks, and blogging showing a collage and timeline of a story.  Storify would prove to be a useful resource while working in media.

Technical: Quiz Five 

Quiz five this week is about grammar and punctuation.  It is good to have these quiz’s to gauge where you are at in terms of understanding each topic weekly (Ames 2016).

Whilst reading chapter 3 this week (Hicks 2013), it was good to learn where common grammar mistakes are made.  Having knowledge of these examples would prove to be  useful whilst writing my blogs.  There is so much to learn about the English language.


ABC News Storify 2016, Celebrating kosovo’s first ever olympic medal, blog post, 8 August, viewed 11 August 2016, https://storify.com/abcnews/rio-2016

Ames, K 2016, COMM11007: Writing for social media – week 5 – moodle 5: study guide, CQUniversity, viewed 10 August 2016, https://moodle.cqu.edu.au

Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists:  twentieth-anniversary edition, Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon.

Storify 2016, Rio games 2016, viewed 11 August 2016, https://storify.com/




One thought on “Writing for Social Media

  1. “There is so much to learn about the English language.” Could not agree more. This course has made me realise how complex English is. I think it’s going to be a challenge remembering all these rules in the future.

    I’m a bit hesitant when critiquing other peoples grammar as I could be wrong, however, the first paragraph reads a little clunky in my mind.

    “For this week of the course, we are to establish a Storify account, browse and reflect (Ames 2016). The set up of the account, I found straightforward and simple.”

    I would re write the first sentence or turn it into two. I would rearrange the second sentence so it would say “I found setting up the account straightforward and simple.”

    You could even take out either straightforward or simple as they have similar meanings.

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