The Basic News Story

Week Three
By Amanda McRae
Jocelyn image
Image of missing girl Jocelyn, found safe and well.  Source:  Queensland Police Service


The story of interest which I have found is Missing girl Jocelyn found safe on Gold Coast after Amber Alert issued – story link, (ABC News 2016).  Similar stories like Amber Alert: Missing Gold Coast 5yo Jocelyn ‘loves hide and seek’ – story link, (ABC News 2016). were trending for at least 24 hours until she was found.

The news headline of this story is:

“Missing girl Jocelyn found safe on Gold Coast after Amber Alert issued,” ABC News (2016).

5 W’s and H, identified below:

Who:  A huge operation involving, father Steve Lewis, 150 police, SES volunteers and members of the public searched for missing the 5-year-old girl, Jocelyn.

What:  Just over 24 hours since missing Amber Alert was issued, Jocelyn was found with only a few cuts and scratches.

Where: Was found about two kilometres away from her Carrara home on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

When:  Search went for over 24 hours.  She was missing from Sunday 5:00pm and found Monday 4:00pm.

Why:  The searched continued throughout the night for the young girl, however, it was only until the next day when she was found.

How:  She was found by some people walking close by.

Summary of story:

After just over a 24 hour, a huge search operation (involving; members of the community, 150 police, SES members, father, family and friends), missing 5-year-old Jocelyn, was found safe and well by some people walking by, just about 2km from her home.

 Father of missing five-year-old girl speaks to media – video link

Reflection of the Inquiry activity:  This story theme, was trending across my Facebook and Twitter with concerns from the public, announcements from the Police (QPS), State Emergency Service and media outlets, all sharing the Amber Alert missing information, in the hope to find Jocelyn. This is why it got my attention this particular day.

I personally like ABC News as I feel they don’t sensationalise stories as much and stick to the facts, as to why I chose this publication.  I found the story, following the rules of accuracy, brevity and clarity, (Whitaker, Ramsay & Smith 2012). 


In preparation for Assignment 2, there are two events I have in mind that I may look at covering.



6th Annual, Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) Botanic to Bridge, fun walk/run, fundraiser event.  Held on Saturday morning on the 21st August. First race (8km) starts at Botanic Gardens, Glenlyon Road at 6am.  Second race starts (3km), is at Reg Tanna Memorial Park, Glenlyon Road at 8am.  Both races finishing at the Marina.  Special guest at the 8km start (GPC B2B 2016).

Funds from the event, go to the Roseberry Community Services’ Branchout program to assist disadvantaged young people in Gladstone.  Breakfast will be at the finish line, prizes to be won and presentations will be held approx. 10am.

I would look at interviewing a Gladstone Ports Corporation sponsor representative. An event organiser, children, and an adult participating, for a perspective of the event and finding someone with a human interest angle for the storyline.  Like someone who is doing it for health benefits or health reasons?  Or possibly someone who has a personal interest in the beneficiary or wanting to help: ‘Roseberry Community Services’ Branchout program to assist disadvantaged young people in Gladstone.

I would definitely take images of this event.  Before, during and after shots with also shots of the key people interviewed, but with also general overlay as well.  There wouldn’t be any restrictions shooting the event.  However, if shooting children I would get permission from the child’s parents if the image would be displayed publicly.  Any nice imagery captured, whilst at the event, I would post on Twitter for promotion, of the event and up and coming news story.

Source: Gladstone News (2016)
Queensland Symphony Orchestra returning to the stage at the GPC Marina, 12th August 2016 from 7pm to 8:30pm.
This outstanding outdoor entertainment presented by QSO is a free community event. Featuring some of Australia’s best musicians playing blockbuster themes, including the favourites Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and more (QSO 2016).
With food & beverage stalls it will be a great family event, under the stars.
Whilst at the event, I’d keep a look out for a human interest angle for a story through either an attendee, a musician (if possible) or even a volunteer?

In terms of schedule, I’d like to be there prior to the event starting for reasons of getting some images attendees and surroundings, and carry out interviews. The interviews would be with the organiser, conductor if possible, an instrument player, audience members x 3 different ages and sponsor of the event.  Whilst at the event, I would like to record a snippet of the Orchestra playing for Twitter.

Upon arrival, approach the organiser for accreditation if its required.  Any nice imagery captured whilst at the event, I would post on Twitter for promotion, of the event and up and coming news story.

There wouldn’t be any restrictions shooting the event to get some still images or video footage. However, if shooting children I would get permission with the parents if the image would be displayed publicly.

Both, are two good community events for their own reasons to cover which draw big crowds and they allow for community engagement.  In a town where there is a lot of hardship with the local economy, and “bust” cycle of local industry projects, having such events brings the community together in a positive way, which in turn boost morale for the town.

With reference to the short video ‘Why you need to plan’, three main points to note, why planning is important are as follows:
  1. To ensure you don’t miss out on the event, or critical parts of the event.   As an example, for the Botanic to Bridge event, which I am looking to cover, I wouldn’t like to miss the start of the race and get there late.  Reason being, I would like to get interviews before the start of the race, shots (images) of the entrants whilst at the starting line and when they start the race and head off to add to the interest of the story.  Obtain a schedule of the event.
  2. Research facts, logistics, access and people to be prepared for the event.
  3. Upon arrival, head to organisers and let them know who you are, what you are doing there and why?  Ask for accreditation if needed.
Technical: Quiz Three – Problems and Confusions

This week, quiz three was about Problems and Confusions.  It was interesting with regards to the content of the quiz.  I got a couple of questions wrong and had to redo the quiz to make 100%.  It’s a good learning tool.


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