Gladstone Hospital Accident & Emergency Upgrade

COMM11008 – Blog One
By Amanda McRae
Source: Queensland Health, Queensland Government website (2016)

A highly controversial topic within the community regarding the much needed ‘Accident and Emergency upgrade for the Gladstone Hospital’,  has been in the planning stage for years (Bunting 2016).  Members of the community agree with the State Member that something needs to be done.

“The Gladstone Hospital Accident and Emergency Centre, currently doesn’t meet the standards of hospitals,” said Labor, State Member for Gladstone, Mr Glenn Butcher (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

Taking it further, to a community petition addressed to Federal Government, Member of Flynn, Ken O’Dowd to make a critical investment in our public health system.  Petition story link.

Source: 7 News Central Queensland, Facebook page (2016, n.p).

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said, “The community needs and deserves contemporary health services that meet today’s healthcare standards, and that is what we’ll provide,” (Jambour 2016, n.p)

The visual plans are now in place.  “With the support of his party, he hopes to continue and fast track development”, said Mr Butcher (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

“This is a great win for Gladstone and I am thrilled to be able to kick start this vital project for our community,” Mr Butcher said (Jambour 2016, n.p).

The funding announced months ago, has been set aside for the new Accident and Emergency upgrade of the Gladstone Hospital (Hutchinson 2016).

Source:  Palaszcukuk (2016)

$42m Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announcement – Gladstone Observer (Annett 2016).

Source: Annette (2016)

“Whilst speaking to the minister, I did outlay my concerns that this is taking a long time to get going”, said Mr Butcher (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

“Great that he is listening, great that he has taken it away to have a look,” said Mr Butcher, “If we can get this hospital upgrade started sooner rather than later, it would be much better for our community,” (Hutchinson 2016, n.p).

The outcome of this upgrade would have a tremendous flow on effect, boosting town morale to start.

To stimulate the local economy of the Gladstone region, which is currently facing a downturn as the Minister for Health is aware of, Hutchinson (2016) reports, with an injection of funds from the Turnball-Coalition government to the region.  This will produce much-needed jobs, in areas of construction, health and more.

Most importantly improve the current standards of Health Services in the Accident and Emergency, acknowledged by the State Member, Mr Butcher (Hutchinson 2016), for the patients/carers, staff and community.  With the new and much needed modern, state-of-the-art facility, doubled in size, in the Gladstone Region (Annette 2016).

Seven Local News Gladstone link to Gladstone Hospital Plans story above (aired 10/08/16).  Source: Seven Local News Gladstone (2016).

Source: RACQ Capricorn Helicopter (2016)


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The Art of Curation

Week Six
By Amanda McRae
Practical A:

For the practical (a) blogging activity, we are to create a story on Storify, using the short story written in week four’s blog.  Storify story link: What is important to me?

After some reflection of the Storify activity, I found it fun.  It was easy to put together and came together well.

Now that it is week six, I am definitely feeling a lot more confident with using the new social media interfaces I have recently learnt like; Twitter, Storify and WordPress.

It has been a big workload to be honest for the Media Writing unit however, I have learnt so much and have enjoyed the ride.

Practical B: Storify rehearsing and planning.

As per the weekly blog task  Moodle link, we are to start planning the story, of the event (in my case the Queensland Symphony Orchestra) which is assessment 2 of this course.  In doing so, I have answered some of the questions below as follows:

Who will be the audience?  The audience will be anyone who went to see the event, anyone with an interest in the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and music in general.  Examples like; the musicians, sponsors, the organisers, social media users, online viewers and more.  However, from the university course perspective and assignment purposes, the audience would include anyone linked or interested in this course.

What might they learn about the event?   Information about who the musicians are? Where they’re from? What music they play and why?  How talented they are,  whilst audience members experience a professional musical orchestra for free.

What needs to be included to make the story interesting?   Find a personal interest element and link to the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.  Like, how the musicians have travelled from Brisbane to put on an amazing professional show and what it means to them?  Find a story from an audience member of the event and what the significance is, if any?

How will I structure the story?  Following the “inverted pyramid”, by putting the most important information first in the news story (Whitaker, Ramsay & Smith 2012, p. 113).  Ensuring the leading headlines to be catchy to engage the audience and the intro to include, the 5Ws and H, (Ames 2016).  Overall getting the story across whilst keeping the story short, concise and to the point.

I have sourced a Storify article shown below:  Rainforest World Music Festival Link  takes you to a collage of pictures, highlights, and updates throughout the event.  Some of the highlights mentioned were musical workshops, musical performances, culture, dancing, food, people, and further information.

Source:  Rainforest World Music Festival (2016)
Source:  Rainforest World Music Festival (2016)

When I look at the Storify example above and reflect on own Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) story I see it being somewhat similar.  For the QSO, I would hope to cover all the highlights and information, thus giving the story a structure.

From reading the Course tutorial link: Art of Curation (Ames 2016), it gave me lots to think about for when I write the event story.  Will it be hard news, soft news whilst covering the basics of the event (Ames 2016, mod. 2, p. 3).  The QSO will be a soft news story piece or a “colour” piece in TV news media terms.

When tweeting at my event in the limited time frame I had, with lots of people there and the event happening, not only was I concentrating on making sure I have great photo’s for my tweets, but also conscious of making sure I have covered most facts in the text.   It does help when you ensure you are prepared prior to covering the event.

The other thing I found was Twitter is not as commonly used in the regional town of Gladstone compared to a metro city.  Most people communicate on social media with their announcements via Facebook.  If in this assignment I was using Facebook to present images and a storyline for Storify, I would have lots images and more of a storyline to work with.  I am unaware of any posts that were posted via Twitter for the recent Queensland Symphony Orchestra 2016 event, other than the images I tweeted.

Technical:  Quiz Six Reflection – Spelling

This week’s quiz (Ames 2016), whilst focusing on plurals and spelling, I found it interesting learning more about it.  In the image below showing the question from the quiz about the work “practice vs practise”.  It made me look at it twice to think well what is the correct one as I would have out “practice”.  However, after reading this weeks chapter on spelling in the text, I have learned otherwise.  Learning, practice is the noun vs practise is the verb (Hicks 2013).

Source:  Ames (2016)

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Writing for Social Media

Week Five
By Amanda McRae

storify  For this week of the course, we are to establish a Storify account, browse and reflect (Ames 2016).  The set up of the account, I found straightforward and simple.

All three social media outlets (Twitter, WordPress and now Storify) are relatively new for me, to use.  I have now set up a Storify account.  AMCOMMS is the account name.

I love using Instagram myself for my photo’s, and just scrolling through Storify it is somewhat similar in the way it allows users to create stories or timelines.

With all the photos posts from users combined with live blogging, breaking news or #hashtag fun, all centered around a storyline topic, presenting a timeline of posts, which is my understanding of it (Storify 2016).


In the example of which I referred to was, the ABC news Storify, covering Rio 2016, Australian Olympic team (ABC News Storify 2016), which I am currently interested in and supporting.

Rio Games 2016 Storify (2016)

Although the Storify interface is relatively new since 2011, it is a great example of instant real-time communication.

Referring to the Rio Games 2016 storify account,  I found a combination of users from all areas (accessible for most like;  Olympians, news networks, community members and more) were communicating to each other.  They were doing so via tweets, images, videos, and live blogging posts.

Storify could be utilized for new stories or to break news, but also shows an inside perspective through user’s personal and professional experiences via posted images, networks, and blogging showing a collage and timeline of a story.  Storify would prove to be a useful resource while working in media.

Technical: Quiz Five 

Quiz five this week is about grammar and punctuation.  It is good to have these quiz’s to gauge where you are at in terms of understanding each topic weekly (Ames 2016).

Whilst reading chapter 3 this week (Hicks 2013), it was good to learn where common grammar mistakes are made.  Having knowledge of these examples would prove to be  useful whilst writing my blogs.  There is so much to learn about the English language.


ABC News Storify 2016, Celebrating kosovo’s first ever olympic medal, blog post, 8 August, viewed 11 August 2016,

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Voice, Attribution, and Acknowledgement

Week Four
By Amanda McRae
Practical:  (a)  Interviews

Stephanie McRae, aged 14 years old (Interviewee 1)


What is important to you Stephanie?   My mum and my cat Meow.

Why is your mum important to you?   Because she is my mum and I am her “ABC”  (Inside story there).

Why is Meow important to you?   Because I love her.  She is my friend, I play with her and care about her very much.

Who is Meow?   Meow is my ragdoll cat, she is about 8 years old now.  She has blue eyes like me.  She’s funny.

Every time bags or boxes come into the house or something is new, she always has to inspect them.  I often find her in the bags or boxes.

She is full of personality.  If I am doing homework laying on my bed she comes right in the middle of what I am doing and lays there.

Where does she stay?   She stays at home with me.  She sleeps in my room mostly every night on her bed.

Why did you call her Meow?  Because she talks a lot.  I was 6 years old at the time and that’s what I decided to call her.

Do you look after her?  Yes. I do everything for her.  Feed her, wash her, empty her litter tray, hang out with her, play with her when she goes mad.

Why do you feel so close to her?   Because I don’t have any brother’s and sisters, so she is like my little girl.  She makes me happy and I feel calm around her.  I like cuddles with her and like being around her.

Mum – Tracey McRae  (Interviewee 2)

What is important to you?   My only child, daughter Stephanie and my career.  Laugh, love and live life to the full.

Why your daughter Steph?   Steph is my world, my hero.  She has had her fair share of challenges in life already.  I try to let her experience life and all it has to offer and give her the best possible life I can as a parent.

What challenges has she faced?   Steph was born with a complex congenital heart condition called Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome.

The doctors can help her as her condition deteriorates but can’t fix her.  Since a baby prognosis for her future has always been unknown.  She is currently stable and doing very well.

You get to know what battles to take on, what is worth fighting for if you have the energy to and what to walk away from in life.   We just focus on living life to the full, live in every moment and never take things for granted.  Life is one big challenge.

What do you think of Steph’s bond with her cat Meow?    I am happy she has Meow, they have a great little bond.  Her cat Meow, teaches her so much in life which is companionship, love, fun, how to care and look after a pet, responsibility, respect.

Good for Steph in many ways to have Meow in between life of regular hospital appointments, outings with mum/friends, traveling  and experiencing all that life has to offer living life to the full, and school.

I think she finds comfort in her Meow knowing she has consistently been there unconditionally for her growing up and keeps her calm if she ever feels stressed.

The bond between Meow and Steph is really gorgeous to watch.  Steph is very much an animal lover and they love her back.


(b – d) Short News Story, Tweets and Revision:

This close family of two, focus on living life to the full with love and laughter.

Steph is Tracey’s only child.  “She has had her fair share of challenges already in life,” said mum, “I let her experience all that life has to offer and give her the best possible life I can as a parent.”

“Steph is doing well and is stable,” said mum, “the doctors can’t fix her but can only help her in the future.”

Teenage Steph now 14 years old, has a lot to keep her busy, with in between traveling to Brisbane for hospital appointments, fun outings with mum and friends, and attending high school.

She enjoys hanging out at home with her beloved, blue-eyed, Ragdoll cat, called Meow, who she has grown up with.

“Every time we bring bags and boxes into the house, she always has to inspect them and jumps inside them every time,” laughed Steph, “Meow loves to play.”

Meow has always been a positive consistant joy in Steph’s life. “I am happy she has her Meow as she teaches her responsibility, love and to care.” said mum.

“The bond between Meow and Steph is gorgeous to watch,” said mum, “Steph loves animals and they just love her back.”

e. Reflection on activity:

I was limited in having people to interview.  As for interviewing, this came very easy for me and had a good understanding on what to ask.

However, it was harder to interview someone that you know well personally.  I have found it much easier, to interview people in general (even random voxies), for real news stories when working in media.

This exercise made me think twice, look in the text (Whicker 2012, p. 192) and second guess myself when thinking, whether I had the punctuation marks correct when quoting the grabs for Twitter tweets.

Good for the activity though and for me to improve my writing skills when I had to piece all the answers from the interviews into the story which I found easy and fun to do.


This week I have spent more time learning WordPress and the process of how it works to improve my blog pages.  I have added widgets, menus, made up two individual course blog pages (for this semester at uni) which are easy to find on the home page.  Now that I understand WordPress interface better, it makes it quicker and easier for me to pop on the site to write a post.

Quiz four reflection – Reporting Speech

This week’s quiz was interesting and felt I learnt from the questions which I got wrong.  The questions were revolving around quoting.  It gave me an insight of how detailed quoting in media writing is, and there is so much more to it, regarding quotation marks and where to put them correctly, and correct punctuation, (Hicks 2013). After a few goes, I reached 100%.  Having the text to read is a helpful guide.


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The Basic News Story

Week Three
By Amanda McRae
Jocelyn image
Image of missing girl Jocelyn, found safe and well.  Source:  Queensland Police Service


The story of interest which I have found is Missing girl Jocelyn found safe on Gold Coast after Amber Alert issued – story link, (ABC News 2016).  Similar stories like Amber Alert: Missing Gold Coast 5yo Jocelyn ‘loves hide and seek’ – story link, (ABC News 2016). were trending for at least 24 hours until she was found.

The news headline of this story is:

“Missing girl Jocelyn found safe on Gold Coast after Amber Alert issued,” ABC News (2016).

5 W’s and H, identified below:

Who:  A huge operation involving, father Steve Lewis, 150 police, SES volunteers and members of the public searched for missing the 5-year-old girl, Jocelyn.

What:  Just over 24 hours since missing Amber Alert was issued, Jocelyn was found with only a few cuts and scratches.

Where: Was found about two kilometres away from her Carrara home on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

When:  Search went for over 24 hours.  She was missing from Sunday 5:00pm and found Monday 4:00pm.

Why:  The searched continued throughout the night for the young girl, however, it was only until the next day when she was found.

How:  She was found by some people walking close by.

Summary of story:

After just over a 24 hour, a huge search operation (involving; members of the community, 150 police, SES members, father, family and friends), missing 5-year-old Jocelyn, was found safe and well by some people walking by, just about 2km from her home.

 Father of missing five-year-old girl speaks to media – video link

Reflection of the Inquiry activity:  This story theme, was trending across my Facebook and Twitter with concerns from the public, announcements from the Police (QPS), State Emergency Service and media outlets, all sharing the Amber Alert missing information, in the hope to find Jocelyn. This is why it got my attention this particular day.

I personally like ABC News as I feel they don’t sensationalise stories as much and stick to the facts, as to why I chose this publication.  I found the story, following the rules of accuracy, brevity and clarity, (Whitaker, Ramsay & Smith 2012). 


In preparation for Assignment 2, there are two events I have in mind that I may look at covering.



6th Annual, Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) Botanic to Bridge, fun walk/run, fundraiser event.  Held on Saturday morning on the 21st August. First race (8km) starts at Botanic Gardens, Glenlyon Road at 6am.  Second race starts (3km), is at Reg Tanna Memorial Park, Glenlyon Road at 8am.  Both races finishing at the Marina.  Special guest at the 8km start (GPC B2B 2016).

Funds from the event, go to the Roseberry Community Services’ Branchout program to assist disadvantaged young people in Gladstone.  Breakfast will be at the finish line, prizes to be won and presentations will be held approx. 10am.

I would look at interviewing a Gladstone Ports Corporation sponsor representative. An event organiser, children, and an adult participating, for a perspective of the event and finding someone with a human interest angle for the storyline.  Like someone who is doing it for health benefits or health reasons?  Or possibly someone who has a personal interest in the beneficiary or wanting to help: ‘Roseberry Community Services’ Branchout program to assist disadvantaged young people in Gladstone.

I would definitely take images of this event.  Before, during and after shots with also shots of the key people interviewed, but with also general overlay as well.  There wouldn’t be any restrictions shooting the event.  However, if shooting children I would get permission from the child’s parents if the image would be displayed publicly.  Any nice imagery captured, whilst at the event, I would post on Twitter for promotion, of the event and up and coming news story.

Source: Gladstone News (2016)
Queensland Symphony Orchestra returning to the stage at the GPC Marina, 12th August 2016 from 7pm to 8:30pm.
This outstanding outdoor entertainment presented by QSO is a free community event. Featuring some of Australia’s best musicians playing blockbuster themes, including the favourites Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and more (QSO 2016).
With food & beverage stalls it will be a great family event, under the stars.
Whilst at the event, I’d keep a look out for a human interest angle for a story through either an attendee, a musician (if possible) or even a volunteer?

In terms of schedule, I’d like to be there prior to the event starting for reasons of getting some images attendees and surroundings, and carry out interviews. The interviews would be with the organiser, conductor if possible, an instrument player, audience members x 3 different ages and sponsor of the event.  Whilst at the event, I would like to record a snippet of the Orchestra playing for Twitter.

Upon arrival, approach the organiser for accreditation if its required.  Any nice imagery captured whilst at the event, I would post on Twitter for promotion, of the event and up and coming news story.

There wouldn’t be any restrictions shooting the event to get some still images or video footage. However, if shooting children I would get permission with the parents if the image would be displayed publicly.

Both, are two good community events for their own reasons to cover which draw big crowds and they allow for community engagement.  In a town where there is a lot of hardship with the local economy, and “bust” cycle of local industry projects, having such events brings the community together in a positive way, which in turn boost morale for the town.

With reference to the short video ‘Why you need to plan’, three main points to note, why planning is important are as follows:
  1. To ensure you don’t miss out on the event, or critical parts of the event.   As an example, for the Botanic to Bridge event, which I am looking to cover, I wouldn’t like to miss the start of the race and get there late.  Reason being, I would like to get interviews before the start of the race, shots (images) of the entrants whilst at the starting line and when they start the race and head off to add to the interest of the story.  Obtain a schedule of the event.
  2. Research facts, logistics, access and people to be prepared for the event.
  3. Upon arrival, head to organisers and let them know who you are, what you are doing there and why?  Ask for accreditation if needed.
Technical: Quiz Three – Problems and Confusions

This week, quiz three was about Problems and Confusions.  It was interesting with regards to the content of the quiz.  I got a couple of questions wrong and had to redo the quiz to make 100%.  It’s a good learning tool.


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Identifying News

Week Two
By Amanda McRae

For week two of my Media Writing unit, we are to set up a Twitter account.

It is AM COMMS @amanda_mcrae145.  I can’t say I use Twitter ever nor am I familiar with the in’s and out’s of it.  In week 5’s moodle web resources Ames (2016), the video The Impact of Twitter on Journalism , gave a great insight of Twitter in a news perspective and how it effects Journalism.

In the industry, I am aware that a lot of my journalist friends use it frequently for keeping in touch with contacts and networks, following stories, break news personally or professionally, follow breaking news and trends in general.

With that said, I have now set up my new account and am looking forward to learning more about it.

I have connected on Twitter by selecting “Follow”, with the following professionals and academics, please see links below:

  1. Emma Griffiths (Political Journalist)
  2. Eva Milic (Journalist/Presenter)
  3. Leeanne Enoch (Minister for Innovation, Science & Digital Economy, Minister for Small Business)
  4. Cameron Dick (Minister for Health, Minister for Ambulance Services)
  5. ABC News Brisbane
  6. Mark Kenny (Chief Political Correspondent; Fairfax Media Canberra)
  7. Andrew Probyn (Federal Political Editor for The West Australian newspaper)
  8. Laura Tingle (Political Editor, Australian Financial Review)
  9. Campbell Gellie (Journalist, Gladstone Observer)
  10. Peter Doherty (Television Producer & Journalist)
  11. Annastacia Palaszczuk (Premier of #Queensland and Minister for the Arts. Member for Inala)
  12. Emilia Hutchinson (Journalist, Seven network, Gladstone)
  13. Kate Ames (Academic in media and communication interested in storytelling, talk, and radio. Writer, photographer)
  14. Carrie Bickmore (Journalist/Presenter)
  15. Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister of Australia)
  16. Glenn Butcher (State Member for Gladstone)
  17. Ken O’Dowd (Federal Member for Flynn)
Source: Trends24 (2016)

Summer Slam is trending to be at the top of the list with a whopping 801k tweets.  I have had to research it, to find out more about this subject as I am personally unaware of it.  After looking into what it is, it is the big event of WWE boxing.

This was not tweeted among people I follow, nor aired across media outlets.  Likely because if the type of sport (being too rough, particularly in this image screenshot from Twitter with blood pouring from this man’s head).  Whilst I worked at a news network myself, the director of news directed us (news team) not to do any “boxing” stories, unless otherwise given permission to do so.  For this reason and because this person in this image has been hurt quite badly, I believe it could be why it wasn’t on the mainstream news.

Warning – this image below may be distressing to some viewers:


Olympic Closing Ceremony was trending consistently on this day nationally and internationally.

Whereas closer to home, the American Hollywood blockbuster film, Thor, was trending all day.

Film crews stopped traffic and detours were put in place whilst, scenes for the next “Thor” movie was being filmed in the heart of Brisbane city for just under a week.  Where the streets were turned into scenes of New York with yellow taxis and more for the set.

Thor filming in Brisbane made news throughout Australia on various media outlets.  This subject would be classed as a colour piece or as “soft news” as it is more a personal interest and engaging story.

This made my day and loved to see this all over my twitter feed today.  I was not the only one, as fans lined the street to get a birds eye view of the film set.



Technical: Quiz Two – Grammar rules

This week, I didn’t get 100% straight away compared to the last quiz.  However, I found this quiz, a great learning tool to hopefully enable me to write better.

Basically, the quiz was focusing on nouns, verbs, proper nouns, adjective, conditional tense, eight parts of speech, past simple tense (Ames 2016).

Having the book, “English for Journalists”, as a text resource as a reference is a great help (Hick 2013).


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Introduction to Media Writing

Week One
By Amanda McRae

New to blogging, I have recently started the WordPress account which you are currently viewing.  At the moment I don’t feel confident using it as yet.  With two “Comms” subjects requiring frequent weekly blogging this semester, I  hope to finish the courses feeling confident, in using the blog interface and becoming very familiar with WordPress.

My name is Amanda McRae and am completing, Bachelor Digital Media, Minor in Professional Communications (Journalism) and Minor in Interactive Design.

The reason I wanted to come back to university, is to up-skill my already obtained technical skill set with; animation, interactive design and professional communication.  I am looking forward to the unit as the subject “Media Writing” is familiar to me, from my background working in the media industry.

For the last 12 years, I have worked in the Film, TV and media industry, working on various productions in Production and Camera Department.  Additionally, I am a professional ENG Camera Operator/Editor and have worked in the media for TV news networks.

Have owned a Professional Video Production small business in Gladstone and have had many opportunities to work with amazing clients.

It is a very competitive industry and although I have years of experience and with a completed Diploma from a private film and television school eight years ago, I want to complete a degree.

I am focused, committed and hope to work hard, do well and complete my Bachelor degree to better my self professionally and personally.


This week as per our blog activities for Media Writing (Ames 2016), we are to review and compare two different stories written about the same subject however, presented in different ways: 

a.  Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador – Media Statement link, Philip (2016)

b. Maroons legend Billy Slater to be announced as ambassador for Queensland thoroughbred racing story link, Davidson (2016).

Comparison – Media Statement vs New Story Article:

Media Statement (Philip 2016)

  • The media statement is a release from Government is stating the facts.
  • The statement is a reliable source with quotes from:
    • Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing and Minister for Multicultural Affairs, – The Honourable Grace Grace
    • Billy Slater
    • Racing Queensland Acting Chief Executive Officer – Sam Adams.
  • The statement is straightforward, formal, articulate, well written, flows well and stays true to topic.
  • It follows the KISS principle (Ames 2016)
  • The statement was informative, giving you lots of information to work with, to take away and write a news story.
  • The statement had words placed properly, avoided redundancies and overall showed examples of the Principles of Simple Language, Whitaker, Ramsey, Smith (p. 87 – 92, 2016).
  • Overall enthusiastic, positive and grounded.

News Story Article (Davidson 2016)

  • The news story article (Philip 2016) is a summary using these facts to create a news story.
  • The news publication shows that research has been down to source background information about Slater.
  • I found this piece conversational, with human interest elements and further information that had been researched and added to the article (Ames 2016).
  • Sentences are kept short and to the point, again following the KISS principle.

Review summary:  

After reading both documents, I found it interesting to see how the journalist for the Gold Coast Bulletin, Davidson (2016) put his story together to make his exclusive breaking news story.  From the information he was given from the Government media release/statement to what information he did use, and what else he contributed from other sources to his story.

There was mention of the announcement on social media, from Billy Slater himself Billy Slater’s Twitter account link (as picture above in Twitter link image).  I am sure there are other resources of the announcement, once news was out.

The topic in general (horse racing) doesn’t interest me personally, however it is good example to review the different writing styles, to learn and improve my writing skills.


For quiz one, this week I got 100% first go which was a nice start to the course. Looking forward to learning to write better professionally and feel confident with my work.


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