Television advertising and Agenda setting theory

The idea of the agenda setting theory came from over thirty years ago, when scholar’s Max McCombes and Donald Shaw researched the topic extensively.   Looking at how stories from the media, entertainment and advertising, make an impact on people through influence and agenda setting.

The media, entertainment and advertising agenda’s can influence people in what to think about, what to focus on and what we do (Griffith & McCombes 2014).

According to Tynan (2017, p. 170), the process of agenda setting can be determined “in the creation of the story.”  It includes the considerations of selection, omission, priming and framing (Dyring, 2016).  What is the message that is needed to get across and how will it influence and be perceived by the audience in reality, (Bainbridge, 2017, p. 20)?

It is common example of agenda setting and advertising is during the time of a political election campaign.  Where politicians set a agenda of what they are about, articulate how they want to be perceived by the audiences and what they stand for.  Their entire advertising agenda is focused on that.  Which effectively can have potential to shape and influences the audiences opinions in what they want them to believe, hear, do or think about.

One of the America’s president Donald Trump agenda’s he set, which was highlighted through his advertising during his political campaign was he wanted to ‘make America strong, wealthy and great again,’ (Guardian staff 2017).

“Most journalists are message producers, not communicators,” Max McCombes 


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