Review a newsletter

Week Nine
By Amanda McRae
Inquiry:  Review a newsletter

For week nine the focus is on reviewing a newsletter from Crocodile Specialist Group website and answering specific questions outlined under the activity heading. (Ames 2016a).  The answers are summarized in the review below:

The newsletter publication chosen is Siamese Crocodile Crocodylus siamensis.  A well researched and highly effective publication including lots of references, a balance between facts, images, graphics and varied topics to support the written text (Ames 2016b, p. 4).

After reading Siamese crocodile Cocodylus siamensis publication newsletter, which I discussed above, does provide the in depth factual information from the specialist team. Targeting academics, conservationist, students, animal lovers, journalist and more. Proving to be a good online resource to find accurate, reliable, factual and credible information.

The newsletter shows an in depth detail with headings about; the breed of animal scientific names, the animals locations on a map and further discussions of where they live in different countries, principle threats, if they are endangered, ecology and natural headings, conservation and many more (Simpson 2012).

One story which a scientific journalist could create from this publication could be as Simpson (2011, p. 120) states that this particular species of crocodile, ‘Crocodylus siamensis’, is critically endangered with severe decline in numbers.  The topic could be chosen for many reasons some being; it is current, news worthy, informative, factual and bringing awareness to the species (Simpson 2016).

Technical – Quiz nine – Punctuation

I enjoyed attempting the quiz this week, as it is a good to see where I sit regarding punctuation.  The area where I will be more mindful on in the future while writing is just the placing of the comma in a sentence.  The textbook is a fantastic guide (Hicks 2016)!


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