Introduction to Media Writing

Week One
By Amanda McRae

New to blogging, I have recently started the WordPress account which you are currently viewing.  At the moment I don’t feel confident using it as yet.  With two “Comms” subjects requiring frequent weekly blogging this semester, I  hope to finish the courses feeling confident, in using the blog interface and becoming very familiar with WordPress.

My name is Amanda McRae and am completing, Bachelor Digital Media, Minor in Professional Communications (Journalism) and Minor in Interactive Design.

The reason I wanted to come back to university, is to up-skill my already obtained technical skill set with; animation, interactive design and professional communication.  I am looking forward to the unit as the subject “Media Writing” is familiar to me, from my background working in the media industry.

For the last 12 years, I have worked in the Film, TV and media industry, working on various productions in Production and Camera Department.  Additionally, I am a professional ENG Camera Operator/Editor and have worked in the media for TV news networks.

Have owned a Professional Video Production small business in Gladstone and have had many opportunities to work with amazing clients.

It is a very competitive industry and although I have years of experience and with a completed Diploma from a private film and television school eight years ago, I want to complete a degree.

I am focused, committed and hope to work hard, do well and complete my Bachelor degree to better my self professionally and personally.


This week as per our blog activities for Media Writing (Ames 2016), we are to review and compare two different stories written about the same subject however, presented in different ways: 

a.  Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador – Media Statement link, Philip (2016)

b. Maroons legend Billy Slater to be announced as ambassador for Queensland thoroughbred racing story link, Davidson (2016).

Comparison – Media Statement vs New Story Article:

Media Statement (Philip 2016)

  • The media statement is a release from Government is stating the facts.
  • The statement is a reliable source with quotes from:
    • Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing and Minister for Multicultural Affairs, – The Honourable Grace Grace
    • Billy Slater
    • Racing Queensland Acting Chief Executive Officer – Sam Adams.
  • The statement is straightforward, formal, articulate, well written, flows well and stays true to topic.
  • It follows the KISS principle (Ames 2016)
  • The statement was informative, giving you lots of information to work with, to take away and write a news story.
  • The statement had words placed properly, avoided redundancies and overall showed examples of the Principles of Simple Language, Whitaker, Ramsey, Smith (p. 87 – 92, 2016).
  • Overall enthusiastic, positive and grounded.

News Story Article (Davidson 2016)

  • The news story article (Philip 2016) is a summary using these facts to create a news story.
  • The news publication shows that research has been down to source background information about Slater.
  • I found this piece conversational, with human interest elements and further information that had been researched and added to the article (Ames 2016).
  • Sentences are kept short and to the point, again following the KISS principle.

Review summary:  

After reading both documents, I found it interesting to see how the journalist for the Gold Coast Bulletin, Davidson (2016) put his story together to make his exclusive breaking news story.  From the information he was given from the Government media release/statement to what information he did use, and what else he contributed from other sources to his story.

There was mention of the announcement on social media, from Billy Slater himself Billy Slater’s Twitter account link (as picture above in Twitter link image).  I am sure there are other resources of the announcement, once news was out.

The topic in general (horse racing) doesn’t interest me personally, however it is good example to review the different writing styles, to learn and improve my writing skills.


For quiz one, this week I got 100% first go which was a nice start to the course. Looking forward to learning to write better professionally and feel confident with my work.


Ames, K 2016, COMM11007: Media Writing – Week 1 – Introduction to Media Writing, Module 1: study guide, CQUniversity, viewed 18 July 2016,

Davidson, B 2016, Maroons legend Billy Slater to be announced as ambassador for Queensland thoroughbred racing, viewed at 18 July 2016,

Philip, M 2016, Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador, viewed 18 July 2016,

Twitter 2016, Billy Slater, viewed 18 July 2016,

Whitaker, W, Ramsey, J & Smith R 2012, Media Writing; Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations, Routledge, New York.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to Media Writing

  1. Hi Amanda,
    This is a good post, however, for me I found that with your writing you leave out the little words like a and the – ‘ it is good example to review’ – I felt this would feel better as ‘it is a good example to review’. There are a few sentences throughout your piece like this.
    I hope this helps.


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