Blog one – Introductions

Hello there, my name is Amanda.  Currently, I am completing a Bachelor in Professional Communication.

This semester includes a unit, “Communication in Professional Contexts”.  One of the assessments includes starting a blog which incorporates five posts on various communication topics.  Topics include exercising emotional intelligence, critical successful factors for teamwork, how technology has impacted communication.  These will be posted in the duration of the semester,  watch this space.

The outcomes of this unit, Costigan (2017) highlights it will include general communication concepts, interpersonal communication skills, research and referencing skills, guidelines for writing and speaking clearly professionally and effectively, and the use of appropriate mediums such as online blogging.


Last semester last year, I really enjoyed my two communication courses they were “Communication and Politics,” and “Media Writing.”  Going forward in my studies, I am looking forward to completing all units required for the Professional Communication degree, graduate and potentially complete a Ph.D.


Costigan, L. (2017, March 9). Communication in professional contexts – Welcome and orientation video,  Retrieved from CQUniversity e-courses, COMM11003 Communication in professional contexts,


One thought on “Blog one – Introductions

  1. Hi Amanda

    I love your blog site! It looks very professional and inviting to read. It looks like you have been blogging for quite a while. I have also been blogging on and off for a while now. I mainly write blogs when my husband and I are off travelling around.

    Again, love the look and feel of your blog site.



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